Seriously. What am I doing?

So, I decided to start my own 'teaching blog.'

Your kidding.  Really?  A teaching blog?  That hasn't been done before...  

This might be the end of me.  I have a severe problem already. I have my list of blogs I check out weekly, plus Pinterest, Etsy, and a ton of other random sites...

then I copy the awesome links and add them to this bad boy:

This is the 'monster.'  It is a rather large Excel file where I keep all of the awesomeness I run across... while online.  It's getting out of control.  Mostly because I like to 'hunt' while consuming wine.  I l.o.v.e wine.

Also, I guess I should mention that I am an American teacher on hiatus (sort of)... living in Switzerland.  That's right.  Switzerland.  Chocolate, cows, cheese, mountains, wine, European speedos, etc.  


My husband and I will be here for about three years (began March 2011).  Prior to the move, I taught for two years then worked as my district's assessment coordinator.  Going from working full time to being domesticated has it's mental challenges.  I miss having my own ginormous classroom and being able to hang with teacher friends after school for happy hour.  Also, I have a group of former students and parents that I'm obsessed with and miss dearly.  We stay in touch, but I miss going for ice cream dates and dinners.  I miss a lot of things... :(   

I am an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher over here and a student myself... learning French (OMG I don't want to talk about it).  Actually, I should be called an IESYFL teacher.... 'Is English Seriously Your Fourth/Fifth Language?'  It's insane how many languages my students know.  I am fluent in one and can hold a 3yr old-ish conversation in French.  They make me feel like a 'stooopeeed American.' 

Anyway, I decided to start this site because I have so much crap on my computer (links, pictures, documents) and in my boxes of files, that I feel I need to share.  Also, since I'm not teaching full-time, I need to stay on 'my game.'  I don't want to move back and not know about all of the cool stuff.    

The site is very plain and simple because that's how my mind works.  I LOVE looking at all the cute blogs with the scrapbook paper backgrounds and cute graphics.  However, those are seriously some intimidating decisions for me.  I change my mind often... about everything.  Except my husband.  I'm keeping him.  I have self-diagnosed ADHD and my mind goes crazy when I look at all the cutesy stuff.  I find myself thinking about ducks, shoes, or other randomness.  I decided to keep it simple.  


You can't go wrong with a little color.  Plus, I used a wide variety of colors so I won't have a melt down later.  I'm going to attempt to organize everything by color.  I might get a little crazy now and then with some polka dots or animal print or something.  Hopefully you guys will like the color too?!  

If you haven't noticed yet.  I'm slightly sarcastic and some would say 'crazy.'  That's ok.  This will probably be my longest post because I feel the need to explain myself.  I like to use lots of pictures and keep things short and sweet.

I also have a slight addiction to school supplies.  If I come across a sight like this...
...I feel the intense urge to purchase a massive quantity of 24 cent crayons, markers, rulers, pencils, folders, etc.  Even if I have no need for them.  Sharpies?  Obsessed.  Colored cardstock?  OMG!  I get anxious just looking at a Lakeshore magazine or a Michael's ad.  I began my 'hoarding' in college even before I had my own classroom.  Crazy.  I love any and everything that I think I could use with my kiddos or in my room.  Hence the name... 

A lot of things on here are amazing gems I've found elsewhere (I always give credit and links), but I'll post a lot of my stuff too.  Enjoy and hope you like!   


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