Marble Art

My kids used to LOVE marble painting.  I saw a picture of this adorable kid on Pinterest doing some GIANT marble painting.  Ok, besides noticing how incredibly adorable he is, look how cool his painting is.
Original Source: Play Create Explore

I used square baking tins (Dollar Store people.... 4 tins=$4) and they worked great.  I've seen people use boxes as well.  My kids would use the paint squirt bottles, cut a piece of paper to size, drop a marble in (or 5 marbles), and go to town.  Great for a center!   
These marbles can be found at Walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby, etc. (the ones people put in glass vases).

I love these.  Aren't they gorgeous?  Perfect for framing in the house too.  A couple mom's told me they did it at home using colors that went with decor.  Smart.  

Marble art in my room:


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