Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day!  I've been away for a few days.  The husband and I went to Barcelona for a weekend trip.  It was our joint birthday & valentine's day gift to each other.  It was about twenty degrees warmer than Geneva, so it was welcomed even though it was still just 45 degrees. I didn't have to wear gloves though!  Beautiful city.  I think I could live there and eat tapas for the rest of my life.  Soooo yum.

Our Valentine's day wasn't overly exciting yesterday.  We made pizza together and cuddled up on the couch.  We've never been huge vday people.  It's kind of weird... cute... but weird.  We try to show our love, eat chocolate, drink wine, and buy flowers weekly.  No sense in waiting all year for only one day of it.  I always love reading the posts on Facebook from the Valentine's Day haters.  It's so entertaining.

Anyway, I just posted another FREE Bingo set to TPT... it's St. Patrick's Day!  I'm getting excited.  It's such a fun holiday!  You can click the picture to download here or go to TPT and snag it.  I should mention that green beer is not one of the images despite being an integral part of any St. Patty's Day celebration. I have a St. Patrick's Day post coming soon with more fun ideas.

I'm also working on some fun adaptable labels & sign sets with cute borders.  I currently use them for word wall words, vocabulary sets, and a ton of other stuff.  I should be done this week (with two patterns).  I will post a Freebie for you to check out and the whole pack on TPT.  I've got a ton of cute border patterns and colors!!!  So exciting! 

Happy hump day!

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