Procedure Picture Rubrics

Happy New Year!!!  Can you believe it's 2012?!  Crazy.  I've been on hiatus from this blog for a few weeks.  We traveled back to the US for almost three weeks (for Christmas shenanigans) and there have been some other small trips and distractions.  Sorry to my two followers.  Haha.  I know it will take time to get this thing going and I have a long list of blog topics ready to go.  So here goes the first one in weeks.  :)

I was recently going through some old photos of my class and came across these procedure picture rubrics.  Say that five times fast.  Call them what you want, but that's basically what they are... rubrics... created with pictures... for classroom procedures.  I learned about this in a professional development series our district provided.  The instructor showed us an example and I decided to try it out on my class.  They LOVED making them and it made a couple of our routines run like clockwork.

Below are the two my kiddos used.  "Ready to Go" was for anytime we lined up to go somewhere and "Ready to Learn" was for anytime we transitioned to our tables.  Sorry for the poor quality pictures.  


How to make them:
  1. Pick a procedure (lining up, recess clean up, transitions, end of day, etc.).  Only do a few 'big' procedures.... not everything.
  2. Decide on a rating system (I did 1-5; 1=chaos, 5=perfect); I've seen some with 1,2,3 too
  3. Talk with students about what each step would look like (1 was a hot mess in our class, 3 was about half the class following directions, and a 5 was perfection)
  4. Take pictures of each of the 'ratings.'  The kids loved doing the #1 because they could be wild and do silly things in the photo (notice a couple kids laying on tables).
  5. Print the pictures and mount them on a poster (include the rating #s on each picture and the title)
  6. Put the poster wherever the procedure takes place.  I put my "Ready to Go" poster on the door.  
  7. Implement and use hand signals (hold up number of fingers for their 'score') until they get to 5.  I didn't have to say a word... just held up fingers.  They got it.  "Shhhhh!  Sit down!  We're only at a 3... look at Mrs. Hughes!  She's waiting."  :)
I did this in the middle of the year, but had I known about it sooner we would have done it the first week.  

Let me know if you make some!  They're great.  Bon weekend! (means have a good weekend in French... my favorite phrase here in Swiz-land).


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