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Ok, I just discovered the coolest website.  I almost peed my pants when I figured out what it was.  It's and basically you can create your own picture book... and more!  I tried it and it's amazing.  Here's the description from the site itself...

Here's what the creation platform looks like...

I can't tell you how easy it is and what amazing artwork you can find.  Here are thee completed books for you to check out.  Books can be emailed, embeded in blogs, linked, and printed (by you or professionally).

Decisions. Decisions! by stad11 on Storybird
The Lonely Panda by JONeal on Storybird
Finding love in all the wrong places by jkrebster on Storybird
This would be such a fun site to use in the classroom.  You could...
  • write group stories
  • make it a computer center (incredibly simple to use)
  • print them to showcase student work
  • assign it for a home project
  • create your own story to aid in teaching certain concepts
  • integrate into other subject areas (create math stories?)
  • and more!  

Isn't it the coolest thing!?!?!
And guess what?  You can create a teacher account and manage your whole class.  They receive a login and password from your account.  You can assign them projects, message them, review their work, print, etc.  The free plan is the one I created (took 3 minutes).  There are also two professional options, but they do cost ($60 & $99).  The free one seems to be the way to go unless you plan on making it a big 'to do' in your class.  Let me know if you already use this or plan on it!  It's an amazing resource.  :){ashley}lllllllllllllll

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