13 Groundhog Day Ideas (+1)

Feb 1: I found something else... scroll to the bottom of the post to see.

Needless to say, I will be missing out on the festive February 2nd here in Swiss land.  They don't seem to have a ridiculous day where they pull a woodchuck out of a hole, man handle him, take advice from him, and wear Lincoln hats during the process.  We do have a day celebrating a lady tossing soup over a wall, so that's close.  Here are 12 incredibly cute Groundhog day ideas.  Most are geared towards the younger crowd (PK-1) because there aren't a ton of things out there for the upper primary/intermediate.  I don't think it's as exciting as it is to a five year old.  :)
Love this movie... so silly.

1.  Treats you can make...  Sorry, it's 6am here and I'm hungry.
Groundhog day!!

Ok, how adorable are these?!  You could use the little clear cups (even shot glass size) if you can find the push-up things.  

2.  Free printable groundhog poem. 

3.  Free printable board game (board & cards) practicing compound words.

4.  An awesome informational video about groundhogs (~3 min).  All about their habitat, diet, physical features, behavior, schedule, etc.  Download/save at home if you don't have access to YouTube at school.

5.  A video about Punxsutawney Phil (~2 min).  It shows the actual Phil, his handlers, burrow, diet, etc.  I'm not sure about that job.  Do you think the handlers make a career out of this?  Or do they have normal jobs too?  I'm curious.

6.  Make groundhog burrow diagrams and write about them.  How cute!
The First Grade Parade... love this blog.

7.  Make giant woodchucks with huge teeth... then graph them.  Hahaha... love the teeth.

8.  Free graphing and word search.

9. Little movable groundhogs.  We made these in my class and they were super cute!

or make with paper...

10.  Little paper grounhogs.  One's a bag, the other is a tp roll.
 Look at this little guy!  .

11.  Some vocabulary printables.

12. A free mini Groundhog day unit (headband template, graphing, predictions, and info page.

13.  And the grand finale... 127 page unit... whoa... with games, center activities, and a TON of stuff.  Pretty cute.  It's $8 if you want to splurge... may be worth it?  Let me know if you buy it and love it!

14.  An awesome writing packet for K-5. 15 pages, $3.50

Have a wonderful Groundhog day!  Hopefully a short Winter for all. 



  1. I am loving your post! What a great resource! Thank you!

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    I would love for you to vist me when you get the chance! I have TONS of *freebies*!


    1. So glad you like it! I'm following you now too. Great site.



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