Calendar Crazy

So, I'm sort of a calendar nut.  I love having a large one (whether printed or in a book form) that I can write all over.  I love my iPad calendar, but after recently losing it in Chicago (at the airport) and waiting an agonizing 14 days to retrieve it, I've decided to just do the paper one and add to the iPad if needed.  I think I'll eventually be in the 21st century again.  I used to do everything by Outlook, but I don't have it anymore with this new computer... too cheap to spend $100 on just Outlook.  

Here are some calendars I've had on my computer for a while... I didn't just decide to make a bunch of calendars.  That's been done before... but I do love the cute colors.  :)  I use this one pictured below (picture of June because the months prior are already written all over and you don't need to know my birthday or travel plans).  I love Monday start calendars because it makes the weekend more exciting for some reason... gray boxes together give the illusion of a longer break?  I don't know.

Anyway, I've tweaked the calendar a bit to offer six different versions.  Click the pictures to download (for Free) in my TPT store!

1.  Blank, Color, Sunday Start                   

2.  Blank, Color, Monday Start        

 3.  2012, Color, Monday Start

4.  Blank, BW, Sunday Start            

  5.  Blank, BW, Monday start        

6.  2012, BW, Monday Start

Hopefully they come in handy!  Happy Monday!  Or is it?


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