Font Crazy

Over Christmas break I got a new computer.  I luv it.  It's a Samsung.... not sure what model, but it's fast and pretty.  Also, I love the mouse pad and I'm a stickler for mouse pads.  If they click too loud I hate the computer.  If they are not ergonomically friendly then I hate the computer.  Drives me nuts.

I digress.  Anyway, I just had to install a ton of new fonts because Word just doesn't cut it for me and I didn't have the geek squad zeal to transfer them over from my old laptop.  So.... I went crazy.  I searched for 'free fonts' and the madness began.  Here are some awesome sites to download (easily) thousands of awesome fonts.  You'll get sucked in.

Isn't that the cutest name?  Font Squirrel... adorable.

Alright, go crazy.


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