I'm a little excited about this.  Since I'm putting a lot of time and energy into this blog and have read a couple of horror stories recently about content being wiped away, I went ahead and purchased my own domain.  I can't really do what I want with just this blog.  I have so many resources and links to share and it (the blog) just isn't as accessible as I want it to be.  I figured I should just bite the bullet.  It was $10 from Google and pretty easy to do.  A little more technologically advanced than I was prepared for, but I worked it out.  I've been working on it throughout the week and here's a little sneak peek...  

Subject Page

Patriotic Theme page... just a little section of it. :)

You'll now be able to go directly to pages with permanent content.  Yay!!!  So, if your looking for resources on  Snow, then you'll go to the snow page... Math ideas?  Go to the math page and then narrow it down by focus.  Want to check out awesome blogs?  Go to the blogs page... with buttons for each blog sorted by category.  There will be something for everything.  Blog posts from me still, subjects, themes, assessment, management, sites/blogs, products, cross curriculum activities, and even Christian resources.  

It's only stuff that I like and think others would use... good looking, well made, useful, and awesome resources.  No ugly things!  I can embed videos, photo galleries, TONS of pictures, and you'll even be able to purchase my products (currently on TPT) in the future via PayPal.

I'm so excited!  My little fingers are working as fast as they can go when I get a chance to work on it.  I expect to have it up very soon.  Hopefully by the middle of March (St. Patty's Day might be a good goal)?  

The site will be of course!

Happy Monday everyone!

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