Hello Edmodo

Nope.  Not Quasimodo.  You thought about this creepy Disney character at first didn't you?  If not, you are now.  I recently came across another awesome technology find.  It's UHHHHMAZING! 

It's called Edmodo and it's basically like a G rated, non weird, useful version of Facebook... for your classroom.  You can create a little online community and control everything from it!  It has some really cool features:
  • calendar - post activities, assignments, etc.
  • class creation - create a different group for each class you have
  • wall - post on the 'wall' kind of like fb...announcements, questions, engaging discussions for students, videos, links, assignments, etc.
  • parent notification
  • assignments - create, post, accept, and grade assignments from one spot
  • quizzes - create a quiz, post, and grade all internally.
  • badges - create and award special 'badges' for when students complete a project/unit
  • ... and more!

This site is ideal for middle and high school teachers, but it may also work for intermediate elementary too.  I'm not so sure it would work well for any younger students, but maybe?   

Signing up is FREE and easy.  You enter very little information... took me about 2 minutes!  I've signed up and created a profile, but haven't had the chance to use it yet.  Looks easy though!  Instead of me trying to explain what it is, how about you watch their video... Enjoy.  Click to go to their site.  You might just love this!

Let me know if you start using this!

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