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It's snowing today in Geneva... a lot.  W'eve probably accumulated four to five inches so far and there's no sign if it slowing.  It's our first big snow since we moved!  The fur kids are enjoying watching it.  They both seem to be mesmerized, having only seen snow once.  So, in light of my current weather conditions, I've decided to post a lot of snow related activities that I've come across recently.  I know I usually tackled snow by the end of January, so sorry if you've already had your frosty fun!  Click the links or pictures to go to check out the resources.

Snow Cream
Paula Deen
I seem to always think of food first.  Oh Paula Deen!  I think I gain weight just watching her cook, but I still love her.  Making snow cream (ice cream made from snow) is something I've only done a couple times.  It's a fun activity, but you have to have snow to do it... or shaved ice.  Here's Paula's recipe and guess what?  There isn't butter in it!  Wow.  I found it on   You could turn this into a fun math/flow chart activity.

8 cups of snow (or shaved ice)
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Mix all ingredients and then serve immediately.  
This recipe makes 8-10 servings.

Snowy Books to Read
Click on the picture to go to Amazon and check them out.
Snowflake Bentley (Caldecott Medal Book)Product DetailsProduct Details Product DetailsProduct Details Product Details Product Details  Houses of snow, skin and bones (Native Dwellings)  Product Details White Snow, Bright SnowProduct Details Product Details

Snow Videos to Watch
This is a very relaxing video.  It shows a ton of real snowflakes while playing classical music.  Pretty cool. 

Learn how to make paper snowflakes.  Step-by-step.  You could turn this into a flow chart activity or have the kids make their own patterns.  It's also a perfect symmetry lesson.

Snowy Science
Make a miniature snowman, bring him in, and predict how long it will take for him to melt inside.  Time it.  I did this with my class, but couldn't find my picture!  It takes a lot longer than you think and the kids were obsessed with checking on 'Frosty' throughout the day
Making Insta-Snow is always fun.  You can measure it, predict how much it will grow, throw it around the room, use in your sand/water table, etc.  

blowing bubbles
Bubbles freeze below 32... maybe a good experiment?  I found this on

Painted snow
If you happen to have snow... fill water bottles up with colored water and go 'graffiti' the snow.  You could talk about how secondary colors are made, write letters/numbers, etc.  Looks cool!  Also from

snotitle.jpg (19016 bytes)
This is a site from Caltech that's dedicated to snowflakes.  It's more suited for the older crowd, but they do have some pretty cool pictures and information.

Learn how and why avalanches happen.  Discovery Education even has lesson plans all ready to go for you. This is also geared towards the upper grades.

Snow Themed Units

Snow Games
This is one of those adaptable SmartBoard koosh ball games.  $3.00 on TPT from Christie Squires.

Frosty Toss
Again, if you happen to have snow... Frosty Toss.  Draw a circle, take turns seeing who can hit the target with snowballs.  Could be a fun recess game if your allowed to go out when it's below 32.  I know some schools aren't, which seems weird to me... not even for 10 minutes?!  I found this on

More Snow Resources
Snow Thematic Unit - Compiled by Midge Frazel, this has lots of great links for K-12
Teacher Vision - TONS of links & printables relating to snow


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