Adaptable Labels... Giveaway!

I've posted a few sets of adaptable labels over the past few days.  I use these guys for everything!


  • supplies
  • student cubbies
  • notebooks
  • word wall words
  • card games
  • little mini vocabulary lists for students
  • little notes 
  • center signs
  • steps in a series of directions
  • library tub labels
  • ... and more.
Here's an example of what you can do with them.  (This is just one of the styles)

You open the document, customize the labels, and print.  There's none of that 'shifting box' mess that I hate. The boxes stay the same size and you can edit whatever is inside of them.  Pretty easy and quick.  You can 'Save As' each set you make to use again if you need to.    

Here are the ones I've posted so far.  Click the picture to get them on TPT for $1.50 each.
Style A: 6 per page, 2x4.5 inches

Style A: 6 per page, 3.1x3.3 inches

Style A: 12 per page, 2.3x2.3 inches

Style B: 6 per page, 2x4.5 inches 

Style B: 6 per page, 3x3 inches 

Style B: 12 per page, 2x2 inches 

Style C: 6 per page, 2x4.5 inches 

Style C: 6 per page, 3x3 inches 

Style C: 12 per page, 2x2 inches

Style C: 3 per page, 2x9.5 inches

Style C: 4 per page, 3.5x4.5 inches

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February 3, 2012

Did you like how I did that?  Used my own labels?  So tricky.

Ok.  That is all.

Also, if your interested in winning a Build-A-Board-Game set... click here.  That ends tomorrow too.

Ok.  This is the end.  Seriously.  Happy Thursday!

Update:  Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner... Melissa!!!  Woohoo!  


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  1. Ashley I love your stuff at the TPT store...the labels are AWESOME I am going to figure out this weekend what I am buying!!!Melissa



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