Build-A-Board-Game... & Giveaway!

I just posted one of my favorite things to TPT... after spending hours making it publishable.  Is that a word?  Publishable?  Anyway, it's something that I use and I thought I'd share!

Drum roll.........................   It's called Build-A-Board-Game.  You probably already guessed that.  You don't actually build anything, so don't worry.  Well, there is some cutting, gluing, and laminating involved.  No hammers or chainsaws though.

Basically, it's a board game that you can adapt to whatever you're doing in class.  It's pretty simple (similar to Candy Land, but they have to use their brains a little more) and I. LOVE.  IT.  My EFL kiddos love it too.  I can't show you their cute little faces (for risk of getting canned), but they got to play it in class on Wednesday and I snapped a shot:

I used it as a center for reviewing our first six chapters.  70 questions over any and everything: food vocabulary, sports, using 'this, that, these,those', verb tenses, family vocabulary, etc.  Here's what my questions looked like for this past week: (this is 1 out of 70)

Here's what the set looks like:

I've zipped everything together in a file.  You'll receive four documents:
  • Introduction & Instructions: I show you pictures and give details on how to make your board(s), adapt the cards, etc.
  • Game Board: the game board is approximately 11 x 16 inches.  It's two letter size sheets merged together after printing.  Make sure you laminate!
  • Setup & Rules, Special Cards, & 'Number of Players' Cards
  • 70 Adaptable cards (10 for each color), 10 Sample Questions, an Adaptable Answer Key, and an Adaptable Content Focus Sign and List
Want to see it?!  Watch...

Hopefully you can find it useful!  It's available in my TPT shop if you'd like to purchase.  It's only $5 and you can use it to make as many game sets as you like.  I will be posting different version soon too!  (different colors, themes, layouts, etc.)  If you would like me to make you a custom one, then please let me know.  I can change the way the board looks, colors, etc.  Just send me a message on here.

So far, there are 3 versions... click on the colors you like to check them out in my TPT store.

I'll be giving one of these away (your choice of color) on Friday, February 3rd, at 4:00 pm Eastern Time (10:00 pm Swiss time... my time).  All you have to do is...

1.  'follow' this blog (click the blue button to the left)
2.  let me know you want it by leaving a comment below

I'm hoping to get my follower count up to 10... hahahaha.  

Bon Weekend! (French for 'have a good weekend!)



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I would love to have a copy of this!

    And...I have a bunch of questions for you if you are willing to answer them. I looked for an email address on your blog, but could not find one, so here goes in a comment. I am so impressed with your templates how you recorded your voice and what you were doing on your computer at the same time. So...can you tell someone who is relatively only a little tech smart how to do some of that?

    I want to know how to create a template, much like your game cards with boxes in which I can enter text. I need to create a lesson plan template for my grade level in which the boxes are fixed, but text/images can be entered. Can you help me with this since you seem to be a pro at it?

    I also would love to know what program/software, etc. that you used to make the video of what you were doing on your computer screen if you can share.

    Thanks for all of your help!


  3. Hi Randy,
    I can help you out! Email me and let me know what kind of template you'd like and I can whip something up for you.
    Also, I use the SmartBoard software to record my screen. It's the little symbol that looks like a video recorder.

  4. Ok Randy! Haha... easy winning when you're the only one. Haha. Which set would you like me to send you? :)

  5. Whatever has the most orange colors in it! That is my favorite color and my students would be upset if it didn't have my signature color in it somehow. Thanks for sharing.

    Do you have directions or can you tell me what to look for to create those boxes like that with the highlighted areas where you type the text? I purchased your I Have, Who Has set and cannot figure out how you did that; but think that is a skill I need to learn.

    Thanks again! My email is


  6. Congratulations!!! you have done an amazing job!!!



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